Through Liz's experiences with fertility and the surrogacy process she is a strong supporter and guest speaker in these areas through her own personal journey.

Liz has featured on The Australian Surrogacy podcast and has a wealth of information to share with people around the world.

She is also the author of a Surrogacy journal that has been used around the world to assist surrogates and intended parents through their own journey.

As fertility and surrogacy are sensitive topics rarely spoken about, Liz is happy to provide free advice to anyone needing assistance in these areas.

As a singer/songwriter of over 30 years, Liz released a song called "Family" in 2019 about the struggle with fertility which made the Top 10 in the Australian Songwriters Association annual competition. To have a listen, the link to Spotify is available below.

The song is also available on all digital platforms worldwide.