Corporate Events and Presentations


Liz has Hosted many Corporate Events from Small Business through to Large Corporate Organisations and Shows across Australia.

She was also the Founding Host and regular presenter on the popular web show "On the Mic" in 2018. Liz has also featured as a presenter, host, guest interviewer and producer on shows on Community Television, Podcasts, YouTube Series and Commercials.

Liz prides herself on her personal approach to each Function, and works closely with the organisers prior to the event to ensure Presentations are given a set time limit, Ample time to eat and/or drink and mingle, Welcome games, Audience participation, and an appreciation and respect for any Speakers during the event.

Winner of Various Business Awards across Victoria, Liz has presented to Corporate Organisations, Schools and Small Business Mentorship programs.

Liz can speak on a variety of topics including:

Music Industry Skills and Information
Mentorship and Goal Achievement Programs
Women in Business
Italian Culture & Traditions through Music
Vocal Workshops and Corporate Voice Training

Fertility and Surrogacy

Keratoconus and Eye Disease

Liz delivers these programs tailor-made for your organisation and they can be designed for any age group or event style.

Some of the organisations Liz has presented to include

  • Yellow Pages

  • ANATS (Australian National Association of Singing Teachers)

  • Centralian Eisteddfod

  • Shine Endemol

  • L'accademia

  • ICMP

  • Italian Chamber of Commerce