Legally Blind

Liz was diagnosed with a rare eye disease in both eyes at the age of 30 which should have been picked up during her teens. Since that time she has continued to live her life "as normal" as possible with such a serious condition which has impacted her daily life.

Multiple surgeries and consultations with the best surgeons in the country have deemed Liz unsuitable for a full corneal transplant due to the fact that the condition is not treatable due to the length of time that it has been present.

Liz has never stopped her condition from living her life and personal goals no matter the difficulties that is presents.

Many people ask Liz why she wears red glasses. The redness effect reduces the glare and helps to stop Liz's eyes from being damaged more by UV rays (even when its not sunny).

Liz is happy to chat or be a guest speaker for organisations to show that living with a serious eye condition doesn't mean you can't achieve things in life, and talk about ways it has affected her and how she works with it.